What is frenulum (connective tissues of tongue, lip and cheek)?
Frenulum is a soft mucous membrane which is located between gums tissue and tongue, lips and cheeks and which limits the movement by connecting them to each other.

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Gum Recession And Gum Surgery

What is gingival recession?
Gingival recession is the exposure of the roots of the teeth after gum level decreases to a level which is under dentine layer.

Among which age groups is gingival recession seen?
Gingival recession is seen among all individuals from teenagers to the elderly.

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Gum Aesthetics

What is gum aesthetics?
In today’s world, gum aesthetics, in other words pink aesthetics, has gain importance as aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry. Being a must for natural, healthy and good-looking teeth, gum health and flatness came into prominence.

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