Dental Implant

What is dental implant?
Dental implant is a titanium screw system which is used to make prosthesis on where there are missing teeth. Dental implants which are placed in jaw bone serve as tooth roots. While it is possible with dental implants to replace it when there is one missing tooth, it can be completed without touching neighboring healthy teeth , it is also possible for fixed partial dentures to be applied instead of removable partial dentures when there are more than one missing teeth.

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Bone Grafts

Bone Reconstruction When placing an implant, it is vital to have sufficient bone. After losing a tooth, the jaw bone is being resorbed immediately and will continue shrinking throughout the years. We can avoid bone resorbtion (“Socket Preservation”) and we can create bone where ever we need it (“Bone Graft/ Sinus Lift) with very advanced and save…

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Mini Implant

What is mini dental implant?
Mini dental implants are smaller than standard dental implants. The diameter of a mini implant is approximately 2-2.8 mm.

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